Storyteller Tactics: do they work? 24 reasons to say 'yes'​ (2023)

I’m launching a deck of Storyteller Tactics cards on Kickstarter today. But do they work? Well, I spent a couple of hours with the Tactics deck to come up with 24 story ideas to promote my own Tactics (meta, huh?)

1/ Why does nobody listen when you talk about your work? Maybe you need a better story. Find and develop yours with Storyteller Tactics. [Tactic: Story Hooks]

2. What makes a GOOD story work? I spent twenty years pitching stories to editors in a busy newsroom. Some they loved, some they found boring. But they rarely explained why certain stories work and others don’t. I needed to know the answer, so I went deep into literature, science and mythology to find out why. This deck of Storyteller Tactics is the closest I got to figuring out what makes a good story work. [Tactic: Curious Tales]

3. Storytelling? Yeah, right. More business bullshit. How many times have you heard PR execs say “it’s all about the narrative, the story arc”. What does that actually mean? What is a “story” anyway? Well, here’s a way to approach stories that cuts through the bullshit. Storyteller Tactics is a deck of 54 practical exercises, frameworks and prompts to help you find and tell an authentic story about your work. Try it, it might not be bullshit after all. Come on sceptic, take a closer look. [Tactic: Pride and Fall]

Storyteller Tactics: do they work? 24 reasons to say 'yes'​ (1)

4. We are ALL natural storytellers (so why is telling your story so hard?) Storyteller Tactics reveals the tricks and secrets that great storytellers have been using for centuries. You can use them too, when you need to craft a memorable story about your work. Whatever you do, tell it like a story. [Tactic: Secrets and Puzzles]

5. How do you feel about telling stories at work? A) Excited! We’ve got just the thing for you: 54 brand new Storyteller Tactics in a fun and innovative format.B) Sceptical. Don’t worry, this isn’t based on jargon or impractical theories. These practical tactics have helped thousands of people like you tell better stories about their work. C) Resistant. Why should your competitors get away with poorer quality work just because they’ve got good PR? You’ve got everything you need to tell an equally good story, if you know where to start. Wherever you stand on stories, we can help. [Tactic: Innovation Curve]

6. 54 secrets in one deck. Stories work better than facts and opinions. So where do you find your story? How do you tell it so people remember what you said? This deck gives you 54 frameworks, prompts and exercises to help you tell your story.[Tactic: Secrets and Puzzles]

Storyteller Tactics: do they work? 24 reasons to say 'yes'​ (2)

7. Sometimes the smallest stories work best. Storytelling doesn’t have to be “Once upon a time…” fairy tales, heroic journeys or TED-style “thought leadership”. Small stories can be more effective: simple examples that help people see what you mean. But even small stories need time and effort to get right.This is where Storyteller Tactics come in. [Tactic: Story Hooks]

8. "Storyteller Tactics has transformed the way I think" Nick Hurley, Head of Design at Mapway. Dozens of people like Nick beta-tested Storyteller Tactics - at companies like Google, Toyota, Lufthansa and the BBC; at universities, startups and innovation centres. [Tactic: Social Proof]

Storyteller Tactics: do they work? 24 reasons to say 'yes'​ (3)

9. The stories you need are all around you. Why aren’t you exploiting their power? You need people to buy your idea, to trust your advice and work with you. You need a story that will get their attention and stick in their memory. The good news is that all the ingredients you need for a powerful, memorable story are right in front of you. But you still need to find the right way to tell an authentic story. That’s where Storyteller Tactics can help: 54 frameworks, prompts and exercises to put the secrets of storytelling into action. [Tactic: Pitch Perfect]

10. Expert story tricks. Storyteller Tactics reveal the tricks and secrets that great storytellers have been using for centuries. I've put years of work into Storyteller Tactics because I think everyone deserves a chance to tell their side of the story. In fact, we even give the content away for free on our website, so if you're a non-profit, a charity or a student, you can benefit too. [Tactic: Trust Me, I’m an Expert]

11. Whatever you need to say, tell it like a story. We make sense of the world through the stories we tell. And we've been doing it for thousands of year. Scientific theories and abstract concepts are all, by comparison, fairly new inventions. Funnily enough, they're also pretty hard to understand or remember. But whatever you’re working on, whatever message you need to get across, you can tap into old wisdom - and tell it like a story. [Tactic: Universal Stories]

Storyteller Tactics: do they work? 24 reasons to say 'yes'​ (4)

12. What do Google designers, BBC film-makers and Estonian exporters all have in common? I’ve helped them all tell better stories about their work. I’ve helped thousands of people to do the same: find stories to persuade and influence, to grab attention, to shape the world. I’ve told over 20,000 stories in my career, so I can help you tell yours. All that experience is now in one deck of Storyteller Tactics. [Tactic: Simple Sales Stories]

13. Thousands of stories in one deck. In thirty years as a journalist and storytelling coach, I’ve told tens of thousands of stories. I’ve always wondered why we are so absorbed by stories. So I delved deep into psychology, history and literature to figure it out for myself. Now all this experience and all this curiosity has gone into one deck of cards: Storyteller Tactics.Find 54 frameworks, prompts and exercises to develop your authentic story on our Kickstarter page. [Tactic: Curious Tales]

14. It’s a tough world: prepare for adventure! It’s a chaotic world out there. Everyone’s talking and nobody’s listening. You need a strong story to cut through the noise. Whatever you’re working on, you can tell it like a story. And not just any old story: an epic adventure! Motivate your team, inspire your customers, find your true voice. Start your adventure with Storyteller Tactics. [Tactic: Chaos and Order]

Storyteller Tactics: do they work? 24 reasons to say 'yes'​ (5)

15. Start your story journey: you never know what you’ll find! It’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Stop sending people to sleep with dull presentations and start telling stories. It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Find your epic adventure, find your true voice, come back from the journey transformed. Be the most story-ish person in the room and see what happens next. Take the first step with Storyteller Tactics. [Tactic: Voyage and Return]

16. Find your true voice in a noisy world.It’s no good having great ideas if you can’t get anyone to listen. There’s no point giving advice if nobody acts on it. Stories are easier to understand and remember than facts, opinions or abstract concepts. Stories are the best way we’ve found to share useful information. Imagine how people will listen if you find your true story. [Tactic: Rags to Riches]

17. Rookie errors: what most people get wrong when they tell a story. Dull storytellers are confusing and rambling. They don’t understand that a list of facts doesn’t cut it as a story. Selfish storytellers can be more entertaining, but ultimately waste our time if they don’t think about what their audience needs. Telling the right story for the right audience, in the right way at the right time, isn’t easy. It takes a lot of practice, but it’s worth it.Avoid rookie errors with 54 simple frameworks - in Storyteller Tactics [Tactic: Story Listening]

Storyteller Tactics: do they work? 24 reasons to say 'yes'​ (6)

18. How to tell great stories about your work. Because if all you’ve got is a list of facts and opinions, people won’t remember what you said. Be heard, be remembered. Find your voice with Storyteller Tactics, on our Kickstarter page. [Tactic: Story Hooks]

19. Why can’t you get your own story straight? Everyone bangs on about storytelling, but no one tells you how to do it. Storytelling Tactics gives you a simple set of frameworks, prompts and exercises to find and tell your story. Take the mystery, buzz words and bullshit out of storytelling. Tell your true story. [Tactic: Story Hooks]

20. The fastest way to find your story. Got an important message about your work? Want people to listen and remember what you said weeks or months later? Then you need a story, not just a list of facts and opinions. Storyteller Tactics gives you 54 tried and tested frameworks to find and tell your story.Whatever you need to say, tell it like a story. [Tactic: Story Hooks]

Storyteller Tactics: do they work? 24 reasons to say 'yes'​ (7)

21. Got a presentation tomorrow? Feeling nervous? What if nobody listens? What if I mess up my slides? What if I sound like an idiot? Hey, most of us don’t like presenting our work in front of other people. But why should the extroverts end up with all the attention? With a bit of help, you can turn a message about your work into a compelling story that people will listen to and remember. You will sound like the person who knows their stuff. Learn to conquer your presentation fears - with Storyteller Tactics. [Tactic: Emotional Dashboard]

22. Why do some people hold our attention, while others send us to sleep? The secret is in the story. A good story is about change and new information. We pay attention when a storyteller points out a gap in our understanding of the world. We keep listening as they help us close the gap. You can do the same. Whatever you’re working on, you can tell it like a story, with the help of Storyteller Tactics. Grab our attention: start with Storyteller Tactics. [Tactic: What’s It About?]

23. What is a good story worth? What if your next story gets me to open your marketing email, or click on your link? What if your story reassures a potential customer that they can trust you? What if your story convinces an investor to back your idea? How much is that good story worth now? And the best thing is, there are priceless stories all around you, just waiting to be told. Invest in a good story - visit the Storyteller Tactics Kickstarter page. [Tactic: What’s It About?]

24. Your audience is NEVER stupid. You're just not telling the right story. As a specialist, you need to know the facts, but tell the story that your audience will understand. Storyteller Tactics contains 54 frameworks, prompts and exercises to help you build clarity and trust with non-experts. Connect with your audience - with Storyteller Tactics. [Tactic: Audience Profile]

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