What are multiples of deer? (2023)

What are multiples of deer?

noun, plural deer, (occasionally) deers.

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What is plural form of deer?

The plural of deer is 'deer' without changes.

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Why is the plural of deer not deers?

If you look in a dictionary you will see that "deer" comes to us from the German "tier", a beast. German does not form the plural by adding an "s" as English does, so one deer, two deer, etc.

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Why is the multiple of deer called a deer?

Because it is. It is one of a very few nouns that have irregular plurals. Deer, sheep, fish are a few others.

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Are multiple deer called a herd?

Sure you may know a group of deer is called a herd, or a group of birds is called a flock, but what do call a group of rhinoceroses or porcupines?

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How many is considered a herd of deer?

The does (females) and the fawns herd together and then the bucks (males) form small herds of between 3-5. The buck herds are constantly changing because the deer form dominance heiarchies and the strongest male at the time becomes the head of the herd.

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Do you say two deer or two deers?

The standard (irregular) plural is deer. Occasionally used in the sense of more than one species, especially when appearing in combination (such as red deer / red deers).

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How do you say many deers?

Deers is an accepted plural, but it is rarely used. The word deer comes from the Old English word, deor, which means four-legged animal, beast. Also the Dutch word, dier and the German word, tier. Deer is one of a set of words with irregular plural forms, such as sheep and fish.

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Is deer's correct?

Answer. All the sources I consulted agreed that the plural possessive of deer should be written with an apostrophe before the -s, as in this example: The deer's tracks were easy to follow once the animals entered the snowy woods.

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What is a 4 point buck called?

Hunters there count all the points on a deer's antlers and add them up. So a New York hunter would call a four-by-three a seven-point buck, a four-point an eight-pointer and so on.

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What is a 4 point deer called?

A typical mule deer is four points on one side with brow tines.

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Does multiple female deer?

The plural of doe is does. Does are considerably smaller than deer.

What are multiples of deer? (2023)
Do deer have twins or triplets?

White-tailed deer often give birth to twins, sometimes have triplets and quite rarely have quadruplets.

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